Jersey Order Form

This order form is for Western Kansas Outlaw, official team jerseys.

Cost for Jerseys and Socks is $95.00/Each

You may purchase home team (Red) or Away team (White). We recommend that if you are only purchasing one jersey that you purchase a home team (red) jersey.

Please be very careful when you order your jersey size. The Jerseys will come customized and we will not be able to refund the cost of jerseys that are the wrong size.


Chest size is the most important thing for a youth goalie as the larger player jersey sleeves will typically fit youth goalies’ arm pads, so I recommend measuring a jersey you already own that fits well and follow the sizing directions. We also have Jerseys they can go by.

Please note, All Jersey brands are not the same. Measure, Measure, Measure.9

Hockey Jersey Sizing

For proper jersey sizing, measure around the player’s chest with shoulder pads on, then add 2″ to 4″
to allow room for movement and select the corresponding size from the jersey size chart.

To compare the chest sizes listed above with jerseys you already own,
lay your jersey on a flat surface, measure 
edge-to-edge across the body
(below the arms) and double that measurement for your jersey’s chest size.